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Diva Me Bella - Be a Beautiful Diva 

Diva Me Bella LLC is a booking agency for traveling licensed/certificated hairstylists and makeup artists specializing in airbrushing servicing Illinois and Indiana.  Diva Me Bella LLC will book the work for artists on location or at one of our many salons located all throughout Illinois and Indiana.  Our work and clients range from weddings to commercials.  Diva Me Bella handles all the scheduling,  payments, and invoicing.  At Diva Me Bella we are a community of glam guru’s, models and cinematographers with one simple philosophy: striving for nothing less then perfect.  Apply now and gain the financial freedom to choose when you work.   

Credentials (check all that apply):
Preferred method of payment
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I hereby give my likeness or image consent to use in photographs, video and/or film to Diva Me Bella LLC.
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Model Headshot or Kit Picture
Model Headshot or Kit Picture

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