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Traveling Hair and Makeup Artists

Licensed/Certificated and Insured Traveling Hair and Makeup Artists.

These talented artists are based in salons across Illinois and Indiana and are ready to bring their expertise to your location.

Choose Your Journey

Welcome to a world where moments become timeless, stories unfold in vivid detail, and imagination knows no bounds. At Diva Me Bella, our portfolio is a canvas of passion, offering glimpses into the realms of love, brand narratives, and fantastical creations.

Weddings: Step into a world of timeless love captured in every frame. Our wedding portfolio reflects the beauty and joy of your special day, preserving cherished moments for eternity.

Commercial: Elevate your brand's story through our captivating commercial portfolio. We specialize in crafting compelling visuals that resonate, engaging your audience and leaving a lasting impact.

Special Effects: Immerse yourself in boundless creativity. Our special effects portfolio brings imagination to life, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy in mesmerizing ways.

Choose your journey and delve into the artistry that defines Diva Me Bella. Whether it's immortalizing love, bringing brands to life, or making fantasy tangible, let us transform your vision into breathtaking reality.

Weddings and Special Occasions

Special Effects

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