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How Digital is Shaping the Beauty Industry

It’s all around us… digital - "relating to, using, or storing data or information in the form of digital signals" wonk, wonk, wonk. High definition camera lenses are very precise like the Sony 55-210mm F4.5-6.3, can capture moon photography - imagine how it can make a person feel about skin texture in today's digital age. "PORES ARE NATURAL THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL" - take care of them. This concept has sinisterly attacked peoples' subconscious making everyone feel texture and wrinkles are their evil nemesis (even I named my nasolabial folds and like to suffocate them in nightly rituals of jojoba oil). Picture editing is redefining an unattainable beauty standard. I call "editing" cheating when it comes to posting our (hairstylists and makeup artists) work. Digital editing can be a deceptive marketing tool. Lately, it's used in an over saturated hair and makeup market to make photo's pop but when spotted can help pick the right team for your beauty needs regarding hair and makeup.

In an over saturated beauty market how do you pick a hairstylist or makeup artist for your big day? Red Flag 🚩 is any sort of photo filters. As a bride or client, if you see this sort of poppycock in a hairstylist or makeup artist portfolio - run. Also, ask if any pictures are edited? Check the whites of eyes or teeth - if they are perfect it can indicate foul play. Maybe someone enhanced the picture creating less wrinkles or more predominate color saturation. This is setting an unattainable standard in the beauty industry. We ask that everyone brings a makeup/hair inspirational picture with them at time of service and we customize the look to your facial/hair attributes. We love spreading positive mentality and calling out edits on pics, when we see them, to help shine the crown that you rock - we don’t set out to change or edit any pictures that we took because we truly believe you are a Queen or King (or any other pronoun, we salute our LGBTQ+ community with pride).

Digital may shape this over saturated market but one thing will shine through... Unparalleled customer service and experience. We can be reached any time by phone/text/email and pride ourselves on our response time. We don’t believe in leaving anyone on “read” - that’s grounds for a lashing (where we put strip lashes on you during a makeup application, not an actual beating with a whip - pun intended)!

Be a Beautiful Diva - Diva Me Bella 🖤


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