Determining if the Makeup Artist is a Professional

What separates a professional makeup artist from the rest?

A true makeup artist will have knowledge in photography, real world experience, licensed/insured and an awesome personality. Do all makeup artists understand how a high-definition camera works? Do they understand videography? ISO, flash, stage lighting, natural sunlight 5200-5600 vs time of day... etc!!! Most of my clients have their makeup done for pictures and to look good in person. It’s a very fine line to walk. What looks good in photography will not resonate with up-close greetings. That’s what separates someone that practices makeup (Instagram/YouTube) and a professional makeup artist. Having the knowledge in every aspect of the makeup application process and how it will translate behind the lens.

Dinolfo's Banquets Model Shoot

How do you determine experience?

My expertise is based on the number of clients I have done and believing in constant learning. They say in order to master something you have to do it 10,000 times. Now take that number and throw it out. Everyone is unique regarding skin composition and undertones. Knowing how makeup will react (oxidize) to a person’s skin is a skill achieved by pure knowledge and constant learning. Cosmetics and the ingredients of it are always evolving it is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Knowing ingredients of each product, skin types, and color theory is just some tricks that keep me at the top of my game. My strengths are my knowledge, experience, being LLC/insured, combined with my unwavering work ethic for perfectionism, and sarcasm. I’m always laughing and I’m sure to make you do the same.

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