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Wedding and Special Occasions

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Welcome to Diva Me Bella:

Elevating Your Special Moments!

Licensed/Certificated and Insured Traveling Hair and Makeup Artists. These talented artists are based in salons across Illinois and Indiana and are ready to bring their expertise to your location.

Your Big Day, Perfected:

Your wedding day, the pinnacle of moments, deserves perfection that endures from dawn till dusk. At Diva Me Bella, we understand this significance and specialize in crafting bridal hairstyles and makeup that stay impeccable through every heartfelt exchange and joyful celebration.

Not Just Weddings, Every Moment Matters:

It's not just about weddings; it's about every special occasion etched into your memory. From high school dances to cherished anniversaries, our commitment remains unwavering—to ensure your hair and makeup are flawlessly aligned with your momentous occasion.

Radiate Flawlessness:

Step into your special day radiating flawless elegance. Let us weave our expertise into every brushstroke and hairstyle, ensuring you feel your most exquisite self as you create everlasting memories.

Wedding Makeup by Diva Me Bella
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