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Timeframe for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

When it comes to planning the logistics of your wedding day, setting a timeframe for hair and makeup is essential. Don't worry if you don't have a coordinator; we are more than willing to help you with this.

The process is quite straightforward. You need to communicate your desired "must be ready" time—the time you want to be completely finished with hair and makeup, and ready to start getting dressed. To give you an example, makeup application for each person, excluding the bride and flower girls, typically takes around 45 minutes. The bride's makeup usually requires 60 minutes, while the flower girls only need about 5 minutes for a simple touch-up of blush, lipstick, and mascara. Let's say you have 4 bridesmaids, 1 mom, 1 bride, and 2 flower girls, and your "must be ready" time is 2 p.m. Based on this, your makeup timeframe would look something like this:

  • Setup 15 minutes for hair and makeup artists

  • Bridesmaids/Moms: 5 x 45 minutes = 225 minutes (3 hours and 45 minutes)

  • Bride: 60 minutes

  • Flower Girls: 2 x 5 minutes = 10 minutes

  • Cleanup 15 minutes for hair and makeup artists

Total hair and makeup time: 5 hrs and 25 minutes ---*Start time would be 8:35a with a must be ready by 2p*

Hair and makeup artists are typically scheduled for the same amount of time when they have an equal number of applicants. At Diva Me Bella, we understand the importance of coordinating your wedding day timeline. Simply let us know the number of applicants you have and the time you need to be completely ready. We will send you a hair and makeup timeframe for approval.

Regarding the photographer's arrival time, it's best to have a discussion with them directly. Photographers often take into account capturing "getting ready" pictures and other logistical factors. By coordinating with both your hair and makeup team and your photographer, you can ensure a smooth and well-planned wedding day timeline that allows for beautiful memories to be captured.

Keep in mind that this timeframe can be halved by having two makeup artists and hairstylists working simultaneously. At Diva Me Bella, the number of artists we assign is never limited by our ability or stamina but rather by your timeframe and budget.

By establishing a clear timeframe for hair and makeup, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly out the gate on your wedding day, allowing you to relax and enjoy the process of getting ready to say "I do."

Danielle Leighton

Diva Me Bella LLC

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