Timeframe for Wedding Day


Let's talk logistics... Don't fret all professionals in this industry should be more than willing to help set up a timeframe for you if you are not working with a coordinator.

10 Person Bridal Party (mom's not in pic) by Diva Me Bella

It's pretty simple when it comes to makeup and hair. You just need to tell us your "must be ready" by time. Meaning the time you need to be completely done with makeup and hair; thus, start getting dressed. For instance, makeup application for everyone, excluding bride and flower girls, takes 45 minutes per person. The bride takes 60 minutes and flower girls 5 minutes (with just some blush/lipstick/mascara). Example: You have 5 bridesmaids or moms, 1 bride, 2 flower girls and you must be ready by time is 2p, your timeframe for makeup would look like this: Arrival and set-up at 8:30a 8:45-9:30 (1 9:30-10:15 (2 10:15-11 (3 11-11:45 (4 11:45-12:30 (5 12:30-1:30 Bride (Photographer shows up at 12:45 to get pictures of dress, rings, flowers, and after those shots they will get a couple with you in makeup artist chair) 1:30-1:40 2 flower girls Cleanup and leave by 2p (with extra time built in for just in case moments) MUST BE DRESSED BY 3P AND LEAVING TO GO TO CEREMONY 4P I request all my brides have their hair done first than makeup. For everyone else in the wedding party, it truly doesn't matter which order. Bride's pictures will last her a lifetime and will be shot with HD camera's from less than 3 feet away, this means even if I touch up everyone before they walk out the door (which I do so it doesn't matter if your first up to bat) they will not have those pics taken in such close proximity. Hairspray can leave a residual shine in spots. Most of the time I will catch it but we all are human. Therefore, I request my bride always has her hair then makeup done to ensure I haven't missed a glistening spot of hairspray on her. So what time should the hairstylists show up? What time should the photographer arrive? Typically, hairstylists take approximately the same amount of time as makeup artists but with less cleanup time. So you can have hairstylists arrive at the same time and/or earlier. As for the photographer, you pretty much want to be ready as possible to have those getting ready pics flawless.

Therefore, your hair should definitely be done and makeup just finishing up. I like to check the photographer's lens to ensure that their flash and ISO (amount of light being reflected off your face) is not dulling you out. I will adjust as necessary when I see through their lens. This timeframe can always be cut in half with double makeup artists and hairstylists too! The amount of applicants we do is never based on our ability or stamina, at Diva Me Bella, but on your timeframe and budget.

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